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Trains are the oldest mode of transport after transport via road. They are a great way to get around while enjoying beautiful scenic views to your destination. If you want to get the best out of a getaway experience, the best way to do it is to make sure that you take in the beauty of all the sites and scenery. The first thing people will ask you will be how was it, how did it look like? You obviously want to be able to answer this question by explaining the beauty that you observed. The trains to and from Palermo the Sicilian island offer you the opportunity to enjoy the vast beautiful landscapes as you travel through the city.

The island of Palermo, which is an important commercial hub, operates independent train networks. Bridges that run on top of the Messina Straights connect the island to the mainland. Purchasing tickets for travel by train can be purchased from Trenltalia online or you can simply do it the old fashioned way and get a ticket at the station. In the case of travel within the locality tickets can be bought from train agents at the station or machines available also at the train station.

Local trains from Palermo take passengers to stations out of the district and operate from the central zone of the town to outposts within the locality like Bagheria, the suburbs and to the harbor. Train service within the city operates throughout but the frequency of trains is moderate in the early morning and increases as the day progresses. The peak hours for train transport are from 8a.m to 9a.m and from 12p.m to 1p.m. These are the times when the trains are busiest.

Regional trains which serve the rest of the towns in Sicily from Palermo operate regularly with a several departures daily. When exploring the island it is advised to use Palermo or the town of Catania as your points of reference and then move out to the surrounding smaller towns always going back to your point of reference after you are done with site seeing. This may sound a little like a waste of time but it is because there are very few trains linking the small towns. This means that you may spend a considerable amount of time waiting for connecting trains between these small towns. You could simply go back to your town of reference, since trains going into main cities are usually in abundance, and get a direct train to the next small town you want to tour.

The most frequent mainland connections trains get to Palermo from the City of Rome and the City of Naples and go back to the mainland. The overnight train from Palermo to the mainland is highly preferred and is sold out on a regular basis. To travel on the night train from Palermo it is advised that you make reservations well in advance to ensure that you get tickets. The tickets for the overnight train can be purchased from the hotel which you are staying at through travel agents.

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