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Palermo is a haven for amazing restaurants. There are various Italian restaurants in the area and they serve diverse food cuisines including traditional pastas and the pizza parlors offer authentic choices. All the dining establishments also have great wine selections to accompany the traditional meals.

For those who have traveled all over the world, one of the things that you notice is the presence of Italian food in most restaurants. The country’s food culture is popular in various parts of the world. The city of Palermo ensures that guests get to enjoy the excellence tradition when it comes to Italian food. One of the things that makes Palermo restaurants stand out is the fact that they are in Italy therefore you get the best the country has to offer when dining. There is a strong dining culture and this is mainly attributed to the fact that the city is close to the sea and there are diverse agricultural products to use for meals. The restaurants use the best ingredients that are sourced directly from the farms in the area.

The dishes available in Palermo combine the natural bounty in terms of agricultural products and the country’s long history of making the best food. Italian cuisine was influenced by Arab culture when the Arabs ruled the country. This is where all the rich flavors and the use of unusual spices to brighten up dishes comes from.

The simplest dishes that are served in the city restaurants are pizzas. They are easily available from pizza parlors and pizzerias all over Palermo. To enjoy this traditional Italian snack, you need to sit down. There are several vendors who sell pizzas in along the lively streets and you can stop by any one of them.

If you are a vegetarian, Palermo restaurants have a lot to offer in terms of dining options. You can choose dishes based on eggplants and chickpea. Chickpea fritters and margherita pizzas are popular options among vegetarians.

In most of the restaurants in Palermo, the evening meals are determined by what has been caught from the sea during the day. This means that you get fresh dishes and there is a variety to choose from including different types of fresh fish, sardines and mussels. Pastas are usually combined with seafood to create mouthwatering dishes. Palermo restaurants are also famous for their special sauces that are considered to be a staple accompaniment for the pastas and seafood among the locals.

A majority of the restaurants that offer breakfast are open early and include bakeries, coffee shops and juice bars. The other restaurants open late in the morning and remain open until about midnight. If a restaurant is located in a tourist area, it will remain open for longer compared to the ones located in the neighborhoods. Most of the dining areas in the city also remain closed on Sunday mornings and on Monday.

Lunch usually takes a couple of hours in Italy and this is the same in Palermo restaurants therefore dinner is not served until after 8pm. The restaurants serve snacks and cocktails between 5 and 7 to prepare diners for the evening meal.

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