Palermo, has a long history of golf dating back to the turn of the century. In fact it owes it's golfing history to the British who used to use this spot as a luxury holiday destination for many years. The course is located at Mondello which is near the sea side but also surround by the Forrest of Favorita Park on the other side. That park is the entry to the famous Mount Pellegrino. The area was also famous for past kings who used to use it as a hunting ground back in the 1800s. The holiday goers were not the only visitors to this course, in fact royalty from England would come and hunt in the forest over many years.

Palermo Golf Course

Palermo Golf Course

Something interesting to note here is that many women over the years used to play at this course. If you walk the hallways of the Mondello club house you will see many black and white images of women teeing off dating back to the turn of the century. This is even earlier than they passed the right to vote in Italy or women. This contrasts to many courses from around the world that wouldn't even think about letting women near the tee box, let alone the course.

You will be excited to know that there is a great backdrop to the course too. There is an active volcano by the name of Mt Etna which is part of the Madonie Mountains that surround the course. As you play you will see smoke erupt from the volcano as you play. It was very cool and something I personally have never done before. Just make sure you don't hit any wayward shots over there as you know the rule, play it where it lies!

Palermo Golf Course

After the game we retreated to the luxury lodges at the course. These are 4 star and very nice, although we hear that another resort is opening close by with another golf course attached. Sicily and it's golf is amazing, you can be here for weeks and the time will fly as you have some much fun out on the course. Be sure not to miss it!

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