Palermo, situated in Southern Italy, is the capital of Sicily. The city is popular for its culture, history, gastronomy and architecture. Palermo is the touristic and economic capital of Sicily. The city is attracting a large number of visitors every year with its amazing music, art, culture, history, and food. The tourists are also visiting Palermo to enjoy its good Mediterranean weather, gothic and baroque churches, renowned gastronomy and restaurants, nightlife, music, buildings and palaces.

Palermo City Tour

Palermo City Tour

Tourism is the backbone of the economy of Palermo and it also gives importance to commerce, services and agriculture. Currently, the city has an international airport and it also has significant underground economy. This largest city in the Mediterranean region has become one of the prominent tourist destinations in both Italy and Europe.

Palermo gets large number of tourists during March-June and September -November. There will be huge crowd in the beaches and other localities during July and August. If you are planning to visit this city during these months, you should make your reservations much earlier. You can avoid crowd if you visit the city during December-February. Cold is not too harsh in Palermo.

How to Reach?
Though located 32 km west of the city at Punta Raisi, Palermo International Airport has incoming flights from the other Italian centers and major European cities on regular basis. You will also get lots of inexpensive shuttle buses from here. A number of car and taxi rental services are also available at this airport. By ferry, by train, etc are the other mode of transportation to reach in this city.

What to See?
The attractions in Palermo are very huge, so it will be confusing for a visitor to find out where to start. Each and every destination in Palermo is worthy to see. The city is very popular for its architectural heritage and Norman buildings. Palermo, the main church and the city’s cathedral, is renowned for its different architectural style. Located at Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the church has a long history of addictions, restorations, and alterations.

The other must see destinations in Palermo are Palace of the Normans, San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Teatro Massimo, Catacombs in Palermo, Stroll Around Quattro Canti Piazza Preteria, etc. Palaces and museums, city walls, opera houses, spuares, etc are also highly attractive.

Beaches Near Palermo
If you are fascinated to enjoy the beauty of beaches, you can access them very easily within a short drive. The beaches such as Mondello, Isola delle Femmine, San Vito lo Capo are located at the west of the city. The annual beach festival is held at Mondello beach in May. There are lots of public beaches and resorts in east of Palermo.

There are three major markets in Palermo to satisfy the shopping needs of tourists. However, the famous among them is Kasboh style Vucciria market, which is situated in the heart of the city.

Just like all the other big cities, you need to follow some standard safety practices in Palermo too. You should ensure to walk in well-lit areas. Travelling with another person or a group will be safer in this city. If you are alone, it will be better to book a hotel in a centrally located district and should also avoid La Kalsa neighborhood near harbor.

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