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While planning a getaway, the most important thing would be how to get there. The best thing to do is to do a little research on the transport modes available to the country that you are planning to visit. Distance is a key factor and the further away you are from the country the higher the likelihood that you will require the services of air travel.

When visiting the Palermo the capital of Sicily, the first thing to get would be a map. However most maps depict the city as being detached from the mainland while in reality it is joined to the mainland and has a connection with Europe in general. Palermo is actually the Sicily’s commercial hot spot. It is said that your biggest transportation setback would be choosing from the number of transport methods available of getting to the city.

There are two major airports that serve the air transport needs of the city. The first is the Palermo international airport which is located on the west side of the city, in Punta Raisi area. The airport mainly operates to and from the pan-European countries and to the interior of Sicily. It is said that Italy relies on this airport as its busiest commercial hot spot. Summer being the favorable tourist season to the city makes the airport twice as busy and the direct flights are increased to meet the demands of those seeking to travel to the island. Direct flights to the island especially in the months of July going through to October can be made using Eurofly which dispatch from JFK airport. Connections to the island can be made through Milan using Alitalia flight services and Delta flight services. Connections to the cities of Dublin and London can be made via Ryanair air flights that operate the island’s route. Getting to the heart of the city is usually through hiring the service of a taxi which will cost you anything between 50 to 70 Euros but taxis are always available around the airport. Another option would be to take a bus ride which costs 5.30 Euro and buses operate to and from the airport from 4a.m to 11p.m and leave at thirty minute intervals to the train station. Another option would be to enjoy a train ride, which costs 8 Euro and operates throughout to and from the airport taking passengers to Centrale station and Nortabartolo and Francia train stations. In an hour about two trains pick and drop passengers.

The other airport, Palermo Boccadifalco, has an interesting background. Having been established in the 20′s the airport served largely in the Second World War. In the 60′s, the airport began to serve regional travel which essentially transformed it into a private airport. The city surrounds the airport making it relatively easy to get to the city’s central zone. Planes can be chartered directly to the city or connections made to Aeolian Islands or to Enna. Getting the services of a taxi or a bus ride gets you to the central zone easily from Palermo Boccadifalco.

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