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An exciting visit to Palermo does not end by just checking out the main attractions like museums and sacred sites. The city has a vibrant nightlife that you can look forward when you are there. There are a number of places you can check out at any given night while in the city. This ranges from night clubs to art shows performed at various places during the year. You need not to be bored in your hotel room at night when you can get out and have memorable nights of fun at any of these places.

For those who would like to have a drink in this historic city, you can try out pubs like Au Domino, Cambio Cavalli, and The American and bar that offers you a great view of the city as it is located on top of a Grande Albergo among others. For those who do not want alcohol areas, there are cafes around the city that do not serve strong drinks. One can also get to enjoy night full of music by heading to clubs like The Crazy Bull that offers its guests a treat of live music performed by artists. Here you can find music with a world touch as they perform American, Italian, South American and English music. If you want to see new talent in the city, you can head to Bier Garten which offers new singers a chance to entertain guests as they develop their talent. For those who prefer smooth jazz and classical music, they can also get the share of what the city offers by checking out Lo Spasimo. During seasons like summer, this music is also performed outdoors at areas like Teatro del Parco.

If you would like to dance, you can head to Teatro Massimo where you can get the best of ballet. Dancing is very popular during the summer period as tourists flood various places for open air dancing. Among the clubs you can visit for this include Tonnara Florio, Candelai and Kursaal Kalesa club.

The night in Palermo does not end without catching a film at a number of theatres in the city. Some of the theatres (or teatro) include Teatro Lellio, Libero, and many more that have traditional performances in the local Sicilian dialect. The shows cater for all audiences from grown ups to kids.

Palermo nightlife also offers one a rare opportunity to get see how the locals go about their life during these hours. You can pick any of the following spots and see how people go out to do whatever they wish. One of them is the Piazza Olivella, a place common with young people, Borgo Vecchio and others.

To have a memorable night out in the city, it is good to head out as a group since that way you can check out a number of places without fear while enjoying yourself. This is a city rich with all kind of things you can expect in any tourist city. This means once there you will not miss something that fits your taste as far as having a good time at night is concerned.

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