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It is easy to get around Palermo as long as you have a map of Italy. If you are trying to find Palermo Airport, there is a particular map to use to help you make transport plans. Planning carefully can help you to save a lot of money during your business or leisure trip. There are various options to choose from when you want to travel around Palermo.

The first time you look for the city on the map, it may seem to be an isolated spot in near Sicily away from the country’s mainland. Palermo is actually one of the commercial hubs in the country. It has good transport connections with Europe and the country’s mainland. Your main challenge will be deciding the form of transport that you will use when you are in the city.

If your Italian is not fluent or you are traveling with a large group, you can use a travel agent to help you get transport connections in and around the city. A majority of the travel agents based in the city will offer you more than just a map. You can get guided tours of all the areas that you would like to see during your visit. They will also ensure that your luggage and pets are safe during your trip.

Airport Transport
The city has two airports that provide adequate transportation for those who prefer to travel by air. There is an international airport that is located on the western part of the city and travelers can connect to the city using taxis, buses and trains. The international airport usually handles mainland and Pan-European destinations. The second airport is in Boccadiflaco and it is mainly used by private pilots and mostly handles regional flights to Aeolian and Enna Islands.

Train transportation
There is a rail service that serves the entire country and it provides train transport from Palermo to the mainland. Travelers can also get to other parts of Sicily using the rail service.

Car Rentals and Taxis
When you arrive at the city’s airport, you can rent a car to get around. There are other areas in the mainland that also offer rental services. This gives you a convenient way of traveling on the highways and connecting to other islands by riding on ferryboats. There are limited parking spaces in the city and traffic can be heavy especially during peak hours. There are several taxis that you can get at the airport and other areas around the city. Most of the taxi drivers can speak English therefore it will be easy for you to give directions.

Ferry Transport
The city’s ports usually have several passengers trying to connect to different areas. There are some cruise lines that cater to a significant number of travelers but you can also find regional connections. You can get connections to Cagliari, Naples, Genoa, Malta, and Civitavecchia. A majority of the ferry services allow you to drive your car aboard. If you are traveling to Palermo on a private vessel, yacht, or sailboat, there are some private boat slips established for this.

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