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Palermo is an energetic, sunny city that has a buzz of events which are used to boost the city’s traditions, culture and history.  One can get a list of some of the most important events on Travel plan it. When you want to enjoy a vacation in Palermo at a time when any of the events are going on, ensure you make the hotel bookings earlier in advance so as not to miss accommodation since the hotels are usually high in demand.  Some of the events you can enjoy are:

Palermo estate: (This usually commerce in June all the way to September)
This is normally the peak of summer that begins in the month of June up to September.  During this time, there is a pleasant atmosphere in Palermo where its streets and squares are opened up to different kinds of musical shows, folklore events, traveling theatre shows as well as other exciting events that revelers can take part in. These are usually very interesting to ensure that people do not get bored.

Teatro di Verdura: (June- September)
In the summer time, when the sun is shinning bright and everyone is in a happy mood, the teatro Massimo is closed and transformed to an open air place. There are a variety of musical shows in the viale Del Fante that is located in the Teatro di Verdura with a capacity of 2,200 seats.

Festino di Santa Rosalia: (July 9th to 15th)
This has been celebrated for around 4 centuries every July.  This is where Palermo celebrates and honors Santa Rosalia who is a legend that helped the city to avoid a severe plague in the 1600 becoming a patron saint in the city. The festival goes on for the entire week where the city is filled with musical and theatrical shows that represent the life of the hero. The biggest part of the celebrations is marked by a beautiful procession of the cart that passes the Cassaro to go as far as Marina. There is usually a huge display of fireworks at the end.

Teatro Massimo: (October to May)
The Teatro Massimo period starts in October. This includes opera, concerts that have guest appearances by international performers and ballets.

Festival di Morgana: (November)
This is a celebration that is out forward to recognize the art of pupi. It is put together by the Association for the Preservation of Folk Tradition and is held at the international puppet museum Antonio Pasqualino. The festival di Morgana has been celebrated every year since 1985.  It features a number of shows that display the ancient Sicilian “Pupari families”.  This has been declared a masterpiece of the intangible and oral humanity heritage by UNESCO.

Merit Cup Windsurf World Festival: (May)
This is an event set aside for popular windsurfing champs.  They come together in May at a place known as Sicily to engage in the prominent merit cup windsurf world festival. These usually occur in Modello which is one of the most beautiful beaches found in the area. This is used to showcase talent where viewers are treated to amazing exhibitions.

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