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When planning to visit any place in the world, you would prefer to get the best services at the most affordable prices possible. For those planning to visit the Italian city of Palermo, you can get affordable hotels to stay. Given that this is a historic city which hosts a lot of tourists from abroad and within especially during the summer period, getting affordable hotels can be tricky but it does not mean you will fail to get one at all as there are several of nice cheap hotels in Palermo.

Hotel Orientale
This hotel is situated at walking distance from central station. It has beautiful apartments that have a royal touch of the palace of Filangeri. Its rooms give an occupant very exclusive taste of the ancient Sicilian architecture. Its position gives one quick access to most parts of the city. The prices for rooms range from € 40 for single rooms, € 40 for a double room with a bathroom to share and € 50 for double room with a single bathroom. You get to check in your children under 3 years for free. You can book single rooms, double and even triple rooms online.

Hotel Regina
This is another affordable place to stay and is located at the heart of Palermo city. When you stay there, you don’t get to worry about taking any form of transport from either the bus or train station as you can simply work there while viewing the Quattro Canti and the Cathedral, which the hotel is located between. It has nice and cheap rooms with French and English speaking staff at your service. Since it is built on the oldest street of Cassaro, you get to see a lot when there by just going not too far from the hotel. The management allows visitors to check in with pets without charge and children under the age of 5 get free stay. Booking can be done online and rooms cost € 28 for single but shared bathroom while doubles without bathroom sharing go for € 48. Triple rooms cost from € 54 to € 75 and family rooms go for € 90 per night.

Hotel Sicilia
You can also check into this hotel that is located a few yards from the bus station. They have nice rooms that cost around € 45 for a single room, €65 for double rooms and €80 for triple rooms per night. These prices include breakfast. Other services you can get include bicycle for rental and a €18 per day private car park in the area near the hotel. Children under age 5 get to be accommodated for free and pets too are allowed. Its rooms have balconies that are overlooking the hotel courtyard.

The Grand Hotel et Des Palmes
This is another cheap hotel you can check into when visiting Palermo any time of the year. It is a popular place of accommodation and being one of the oldest in the city, be sure to get a treat by checking into. Its location gives you quick access to Teatro Massimo and Capella Palatina. These are just but a few of the cheap hotels you can get in Palermo and one should also note that the prices are not fixed as they tend to change with time and season. Also all the prices are for a single night and occupants are required to check out at around 11:00 local time. You can get more information about these hotels online where you can also book and pay using forms like visa, MasterCard and so on.

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