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Palermo is an Italian city that is rich with modern and historic tourist attractions. Visiting this city of about a million inhabitants will make your European travel one of a kind as there is so much you can do. You will need more than a day to finish what the entire city has to offer, but since you may be there for limited time, here are some of the key attractions you may consider checking out.

You can visit the Capuchin Catacombs which houses mummies. It is a historic site that begun in 1599, served as tombs for monks and it was later used by the rich in Palermo as their final resting place. Apparently, the well off people in those days regarded being buried in the tombs as a sign of their social status. This is because they could make requests like to be buried with specific clothes while some even asked, in their wills that their clothes be changed after a certain period. Presently, the tombs are a major attraction as visitors get to see the rich people and their families, monks and even priests who were buried there in a special way. With beautiful mummification done at one of the halls, you can for sure have a nice treat by visiting them.

One can also check out the Teatro Massimo which is the largest theater in the country and the third largest in the entire European continent. Here you can get a chance to sample the rich history of the Italians, their way of life and much more that touches even on other countries.

The city also has a number of sacred sites like the San Giovanni Degli Eremiti which has historic details about the conquest of the Arab on the island back in the 19th century. This led to Arabic becoming the island’s official language for a period of about a hundred years, which as a matter of fact led to the local dialect borrowing a lot from the language. The city still has a number of mosques and the commercial, cultural and even architectural activities that the Arab occupants did with the people of Cairo and Seville of Spain are well documented in these sites. While in the site, you can view the history of not only the Arabs and their activities but also of all the other groups of people that stayed in Sicily.

Palermo also offers one a wide variety of foods that even have a historic touch. You can get dishes like balls of fried rice that are stuffed with tasty meat, eggplant stews, honey dripping sweets and many more. Since the city was occupied by the Arabs, you won’t miss restaurants offering the dishes with tasty Arabic touch.

For those who love shopping, your taste is well catered for as you can do just that in the city since it has a lot of boutiques stocking a wide range of clothes and other materials from the country and abroad. You can head out to the markets and get a number of items like fresh fish, ceramic, coral jewelry and many more. One can also relax by heading to the sea or attending a football match as the area team competes in the top Italian league of Serie A. Simply, there is a lot you can do while in Palermo.

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