Palermo, under the name of Balerm, is famous for its mosques, palaces and irrigation plants. You can find everything in this city right from stunning churches and architecture to beautiful beaches, bustling markets and Italys biggest botanical garden. Some of the famous attractions of Palermo are:

  • The Archeological Museum in Palermo: This contains an incredible collection of antiquities and is considered one of the finest of its kind in Italy.
  • The cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta: The cathedral has an impressive main entrance with Gothic portal with two towers. The chapel, close to the entrance, is famous for its royal tombs and the cathedral also contains an interesting display of fine treasures.
  • The church of San Cataldo: The church is unique in itself for its three red domes which stand in a row. The interior is however austere, lacking decoration apart from the floor.
  • The monastery of San Giobanni degli Eremiti: This was once an Islamic mosque and now features striking red Moorish domes.
  • Botanical Garden: The Palermo Botanical Garden is the biggest in Italy and something of an oasis in the city. It has fascinating displays of tropical plants in the Mediterranean region, many native and foreign species as well as some interesting architecture in the administrative buildings.
  • Four Corners: The site stands right at the heart of Palermo and is also known as Quattro Canti. The four buildings that comprise the Quattro Canti and split the city into four quarters are all built on three levels, with impressive Baroque sculptures illustrating different themes – the four seasons, four patron saints of the town and four Spanish kings.
  • Foro Umberto I: This is a wide boulevard that attracts locals and tourists. There are good views over the Bay of Palermo, and a number of attractions in the area.

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